Why do christians need fellowship?

Why do christians need fellowship?


The simple answer is:  God didn't create us to be alone.

Life is hard.  Let's face it, in today's world the motto is "I will worry about me because no one else will."

And we want to ask, "How's that working for you?"

Here at Norwood, from the time you walk in the door you will see a friend.  Whether it be from someone passing out a bulletin to a member taking the time after service to have a conversation, we strive to bring you into our fellowship.  

Now are we perfect at it?  No.  But we encourage you to step outside your comfort zone and join us at any one of our "get together's."  They happen in many ways: Discipleship on Sunday mornings.   Movie nights.  Mission work.  Shooting a game of pool. Potluck dinner.  Game night.  And so many more.  So we encourage you to show up and let us get to know you!